Natural Mountain Minerals is a California supplier of Black Magic, a biochar fly ash soil amendment.  Biochar is the charcoal byproduct from wood-fueled power plants burning all types of wood products.  Biochar “typically contains carbon (unburned wood), calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and phosphorus…”1  This makes biochar (Black Magic) a beneficial, low-cost soil amendment product when applied properly.

Natural Mountain Minerals provides Black Magic in a couple of different ways.  One is the delivery of Black Magic to your farm with the application being done by you.  The other is entering into a lease agreement with the Hawes Community Farming Program.  Either way, you can be confident that your land will reap the nutritional benefits of applying Black Magic.  Check the How to Order page for details.

HotsoilFind out the details about Black Magic biochar. Look at a chemical breakdown and the estimated cost of the ingredients making up if added through regular fertilizer applications.

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HotwheatYou’ve made the decision to use Black Magic to improve the soil makeup of your farm fields and improve yields. How do you want to do that? Check out the Hawes Community Farming Program as an alternative.

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HotmarkDo you have questions? Would you like a quote? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, check out our contact page. Our phone number is there if you would like to call and a form for you to fill out to email us. Either way, we look forward to consulting with you.

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Agricultural Use of Wood Ash in California“, University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Publication 21573